Manage training deadlines!
Security, HSE, fire safety, anti-corruption, HACCP... : compliance training always has expiration dates. If you have many employees or are a consulting company with many customers, you'll have to manage them. It's a tedious task, with a lot of space for human error. Automating all of that is surely better, isn't it? Add Retraining to your e-learning platform!


What is it for?

Its main uses are safety traing and any type of training on a skill that has an expiration date. 

In these case, normally the Human Resources have to create a new edition of the same course, manually enroll the users and notify them. If the users have expiring skills or certifications on a specific date, it might be different for every one of them. Monitoring this situation can be time-consuming, and you might be non-compliant to state or company regulations. 

What does it do?

The Retraining customisation enhances your standard e-learning platform with several functions, aimed to periodically enroll users to new editions of the same course. 

Retraining solves and automates all of this, freeing your management from manual work, and adds different important reporting functionalities for administrators, and several notifications for users.

BASE Retraining
This solution allows you to reset a user's status on the same course, keeping the history of his participations and his certificates. It's the simplest way to manage this issue, ideal for those who use the platform to support classroom courses, when the deadlines are directly depending on the course, or for those who want to offer their customers a retraining management service.
PRO Retraining
This advanced solution is ideal for those who have a system based on company roles: the certification is independent from the course and follows the user. Upon every expiration date the user will automatically be enrolled to a new course.


integration web

Integration with other intranet and business management applications is one of the hottest topics in the implementation of an e-learning system. Prevent employees from finding themselves with the umpteenth password to remember, keeping personal data always aligned so as not to be forced to boring manual updates, guarantee access to courses according to company policies, earn substantial organizational savings: these are the main advantages in the adoption of our solutions.

We offer advice on technical and organizational design and implementation of:

  • Single sign-on solutions (synchronous alignment): set-up of procedures and functions for passing and updating utilities between web applications (intranet, corporate portals, ecc.)

  • Data synchronization: setup of procedures and functions for asynchronous alignment of user registries based on datasets received from other software (management, Sap, ecc)



custom developement web

Starting from open-source solutions in implementing an e-learning system in a company allows to greatly reduce the time and costs of technological startups, but it can happen that small interventions are needed to adapt these tools to specific needs of the company.

We usually handle these customization interventions that may concern, for example:

  • Development of additional features on the platform, necessary for specific practices of your company or your customers

  • Modification of existing features to optimize them and adapt them to specific business tasks


For example, we have developed scheduling and notification systems (also via SMS), customized reports, customized layouts…. Would you like to know more? Contact (link)


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