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Cuddles and attention for your project

We want to make things easier for you with a convenient service tailored to support you in all activities:

Users Helpdesk: if you do not have the time or expertise to provide a helpdesk service, we can take care of the first level assistance to the end users.

Process tutoring: user registration management (registration and cancellation) on the platform and to courses; management of communications with trainiees; activity tutoring, user reports, reporting on courses redemption and performance. 

Platform management: management and configuration support for your LMS platform (advanced configurations, creation of courses or catalogues, expert guide to feature usage).

Distance learning can become nearer!

With a Virtual Classroom or Web Conferencing solution you can organize webinars, meeting, Delphi Panels and much more directly in your browser. You can share files, moderate participants, record the meeting video to re-use it as a video-course... So, you want to be an actor or a director? ;)

A complete service for the administration of questionnaires and online surveys, with which we'll support you in all the phases, from the creation of the questionnaire to the collection and analysis of the responses, and we will assist you even in the secretarial activities (eg. sending invitations and reminders).

This solution, very frequent in the medical field, can be adopted to quickly interview hundreds of users on any given topic or to assess the quality of a product / service. The data collected in the survey can also be consolidated with videoconference meetings by adopting the Delphi-panel methodology, if you bundle this service with our Managed Webinar service.


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Launch your e-learning!

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