Elearnit is a project created in 2005 by Alberto Pastorelli & Massimiliano Ferrari. Today, our core includes Alberto, Max, Luisiana and Francesca: a team of consultants who - believe it or not - like to face your challenges. Surrounded by a dense network of trustworthy partner companies: with them, we can take you anywhere.

You might wonder what do we actually do? Maybe you need an e-learning platform, maybe you already have it and you need a hand to manage it or customize it. Perhaps you need an online course, or you want to learn how to implement your distance learning projects by yourself. You might want to do something less "standard" like a webinar, a survey, a delphi panel. Anyhow, the first thing we'll offer you is our experience, acquired in more than 10 years and hundreds of projects, in many different sectors and countries.

You will recognize yourself in some of the stories we have already lived: our job is to sit down at your side and analyze with you problems and opportunities and to find a solution together. We cannot do everything, but we'll be able to find the best partner among our many excellent traveling companions.

We like to think that you can work big while staying small: because so we can be lighter and keep things simple. 

When you want to try, we are here. :)




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From all the work done together with our customers and our partners,
two projects of which we are particularly proud were born in these years:

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FORMA LMS is one of the best open source LMS platforms in the world, which we develop together with an association of Italian and international companies

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FORMA FARM Srl is our business unit specializing in cloud hosting, maintenance and plugin, only for Forma Lms



Elearnit collaborates with important national partners to provide its customers with a complete range of e-learning solutions.

Our approach is to offer our customers the best solution for their needs. Our alliance with these partners guarantees that we can cover them all.


Elearning Courses

We collaborate with the main producers of multimedia courses at national and international level, such as Eco-Studio, Self@Learning, Capturator, Projit
Thanks to these partnerships we can offer you one of the most complete catalogs of online courses on all the main general topics, 
from computer science to privacy regulations, & nbsp; security, haccp, and more...

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Elearning and management for Human Resources naturally go hand in hand: the platform already has several skills and role management functions, but it is possible that you want something more specific to manage attendance, pay, recruiting, performance management , the evaluation .... For this reason, Elearnit collaborates with two market leading companies in this sector

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