Gender equality course, designed to provide workers of different roles and levels with an in-depth understanding of gender equality.

The course examines historical roots, current regulations, and practical strategies to promote an inclusive work environment.

Through a series of interactive content, we will explore together how to challenge stereotypes, understand the laws that protect gender equality and create a workplace that values diversity and inclusion.

Upon completion of the course, users will be able to recognize and counteract gender stereotypes and promote equality in the workplace .


History and legislation on gender equality

  • Introduction
  • The Equal Opportunities Code
  • Gender quotas
  • The 2030 agenda
  • The transformation of the company

Gender equality in the workplace

  • Introduction
  • Bias-free selection processes

Gender stereotypes and prejudices

  • Introduction
  • The most widespread gender stereotypes in the workplace
  • Strategies to identify and overcome gender stereotypes
  • Focus: the visual representation of women

Promotion of an inclusive work environment

  • Introduction
  • Empathetic and respectful communication
  • Focus: inclusive communication

Food for thought

A constant commitment


At the end of the course it will be possible to receive a certificate that can be downloaded directly from the platform.