How to manage conflicts by moving from disagreement to constructive confrontation. Basically… Your "toolbox" for managing disagreement.


30 minutes


For many people, having a conversation with someone you strongly disagree with wastes energy and time and has a negative impact on their motivation at work.

With this course we will provide you with a "toolbox" useful in managing disagreement, so that you can transform difficult conversations into positive discussions.

During this course we will learn the rules for commitment and discover the logic through which we can untangle the knot of disagreement and live our daily working life with greater well-being and attention to the result.


  • The four types of disagreement
  • Basic definitions and concepts
  • The map is not the territory
  • Stereotypes and prejudices
  • The meaning of "The map is not the territory"
  • Instructions for making yourself unhappy
  • Finding a stronger understanding through disagreement
  • The 5 styles of managing disagreement
  • The rules that promote clarity: the 9 assertive behaviors
  • The power of yes
  • Take advantage of the “refractory period”
  • What would it take to change your mind?
  • What is Venting?
  • A lesson from negotiators
  • What do excellent negotiators do?
  • Learn from hostage negotiators
  • Implement suggestions from hostage negotiators
  • Action tools
  • How to transform disagreement into constructive discussion
  • Learn to listen
  • Go in search of the four chords
  • Behavior map


At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance will be issued which can be downloaded directly from the platform.