What is a LMS

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An e-learning platform allows you to publish and manage your online courses: it's an application with all the functionalities you need to upload training materials, enroll users to courses, track their activities.... in short, it's meant to manage all your training projects. If you want to deploy online training you can't help but using this kind of tool, but it's also a fantastic support for classroom training.




I want it now!

Then you can have one for you only, forever, or you can rent one for a while.
Read more for some more detail, or try our demo.

I already have one.

In this case we can help you managing your platform (even if you use Moodle or other solutions) or customizing it, or teaching you how to use it better.



What it does

Forma Lms' best thing is that it's corporate-oriented, therefore it offers many features that other platforms, created for an academic environment, totally lack:


  • Courses and Users Management: you can upload your content in a few clicks, easily enroll users even with automatic enrollment policies, and you can organise users and course with organisation charts and catalogues. In addition, Forma also includes already an e-commerce cart. You can also use it for classroom courses.

  • Tracking: thanks to the SCORM standard and to a powerful tracking system, Forma can track course attendance and all the users' training activities (access to content, time spent inside the course, test results and many other functions) so that you can quickly extract customisable reports.

  • Multi-administrator, multi-customers: you can use the same installation for different customers and different company branches with customised url's and graphics, and you can have different administrators for each one's courses and users.

  • Competencies andskills mapping:  you can map the skills and roles in your company, and measure the growth of your personnel with skills-gap analysis reports.

  • Integration: Forma already has an API system to link to your existing management system or to your intranet. And if you want customisations or specific integrations, we're here!

  • Upgrade from Docebo: if you're still using the old open source version of Docebo, you can upgrade to Forma directly! 


In summary, we like Forma because it has many functions and it's no-frills. We could say that "Forma is all substance". And last but not least: no licence fee, andy you'll always be the owner of the software and of your data. 

Can you want more? :)