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Delivering your knowledge

Distance learning can become nearer! With a Virtual Classroom or Web Conferencing solution you can organize webinars, meeting, Delphi Panels and much more directly in your browser. You can share files, moderate participants, record the meeting video to re-use it as a video-course... So, you want to be an actor or a director? ;) 

Web conferencing or Virtual Classroom is a live event where you can meet the event participants, with live audio and video and screen sharing, where you usually broadcast a presentation or anyway what the meeting host is displaying on their computer. Normally, only the presenter shares their video but you can also allow the participants to take part with their audio or video (or with the chat, or by raising their hand or with other functions).

Virtual Classroom

A virtual classroom event like the one we offer has this features:  

  • Live lessons or meetings (one teacher and many users), with moderation functions 
  • A "room" with the possibility of infinite meetings: the service has a flat pricing model, there's no limit to the number of meetings 
  • Desktop sharing or document sharing by every participant, with whiteboard functions
  • Assessment tools (Questions and anwsers) 
  • Social tools (polls, one-to-one or one-to-many chat) 
  • Meeting recording to build content that you can re-use later
  • Meetings up to 500 users at the same time, with Presenter audio and video and the possibility to also display the audio and video of the participants 
  • Storage where you can save your meeting recordings and the uploaded content
  • Possibility to convert into Scorm standard the meeting recording videos, so that you can turn them into trackable courses 

The service is provided with the Software as a Service model, therefore data backup is in real time. 

Do you want to know how you can activate your Virtual Classroom or how we can help you manage your live events?