AC Formazione S.r.l. Training, customized features, e-commerce integration
LMS Platform, custom developments
Analisi Dati Ambientali srl Piattaforma, training
Training on financed projects
ADR ECM Pack and training on how to use Forma with the ECM Pack. 
Ali Bin Ali Group specialized in Luxury and Hospitality. On the occasion of the FIFA…
AlittleB AlittleB is the partner of the Zucchetti group for elearning and gamification platforms. We've…
Allergy Associates PA Training and consulting on Forma Lms  
Training, Plugin
Custom-made courses
Lms, plugins
Articolo 1 Plataform, custom courses development  
Platform, Off-the-shelf Courses
Consulting, Digital Academy implementation
Assistenza Casa S.r.l. Elearning platform, training, custom-made courses
Associazione Formatori 24 Training institution specialized in occupational safety. Supply of a plugin for compliance…
Platform, plugin
Platform, training, plugin, custom developments
Forma Lms, Training, Plugins
Benetton Group SpA Implementation of the company's e-learning platform
Salumificio Fratelli Beretta Elearning platform, courses for Beretta Academy
Platform, custom-made courses, training
Bolzano AirportE-learning platform, production of custom-made courses, retraining, platform training
LMS integration and implementation with company systems, Digital Academy training
CarismiElearning platform
Lexmedica Elearning platform, training on Articulate 360, helpdesk
Platform, off-the-shelf courses
Off-the-shelf courses
CesiElearning platform (migration from Docebo to Forma)
Consulting and development of customized LMS functions
Chef Express S.p.A. Custom-made course and learning game on upselling techniques and communication skills
Cheno Servizi Srl Training institution specialized in occupational safety. Supply of an LMS platform and…
ClimAbita Lms platform, custom-made courses, Live Training
Comune di Brescia Supply of an LMS platform and training on the use of Forma…
Platform, plugins
Consorzio Omniacom Expertise on the value of their elearning catalog
Centro Turistico Studentesco LMS, training
DEI srl Consulting and development of customized LMS functions
Production of interactive presentations for European projects
LMS platform, development of customized features
dTeam s.r.l. Elearning Platform
E-Co. StudioConsulting and training on Forma Lms  
e-PriceElearning platfomr and training.Production of custom-made elearning courses.
 Platform, training, course development, customizations
Training, custom-made courses
Training, Platform, Courses
EPC InformaTraining on Forma Lms and Articulate
LMS platform, training, course production
Consulting, production of e-learning courses
Fials Formazione ECM platform. Platform / course management integration. The client   Fials Formazione deals…
Platform, training, creation of custom-made courses  
Platform, training
Flightpath Training Ltd Consultancy company specialized in airline pilot training. Supply of an LMS platform…
Platform, off-the-shelf courses
Formart ScarlProduction of custom-made courses
Classroom training, plugin
Furness Insurance UKElearning platform, integration with website, training on Forma.lms and Articulate. Together with Grifo…
Futura - ENNEADI project Training institution and partner of European projects. On the occasion of…
Platform, off-the-shelf courses
Gabetti - TreeRe LMS Platform and customized features development    The client   Tree Real…
Piattaforma - training - consulenza
Platform, training
Genes SA Platform, training  
Training on elearning didactics and Articulate Studio
Global Service Coop Training institution specialized in occupational safety. Supply of a plugin for compliance…
GLSElearning Platform, integration with the company's HR system, training, production of custom-made courses and delivery…
Improved usability and flexibility of the "copy course" function in Docebo 4
Piattaforma, training, creazione corsi su misura
Forma LMS cloud hosting and maintenance
Horta Srl Assistance Service and training on Articulate Storyline and Forma Lms
HPS S.r.l. Delphi Panel and web conference
HR Soluzioni Srl LMS platform rental and multimedia course development
IbsaElearning platform and "Frequently Asked Questions" functionality for informers
Platform, training
Off-the-shelf courses
Piattaforma, training, creazione corsi su misura
Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin Specialists in training and services for vineyard…
Iris Ceramiche SpA Video-conferencing and training materials production
Platform, training
Istituto Sant'Anna Platform implementation and ECM customization
Koan Supply of catalog courses, platform rental, Articulate training
La Voce Consulting and development of customized LMS functions
Platform, training
Laborest Italia SpA LMS Platform - training for scientific informants
Lagardère Travel Retail Custom-made elearning courses - elearning platform
Landi Renzo SpA Corporate LMS platform implementation
Lattes Advice and training - Elearnit Academy  
LindeGas Italia Srl Elearning platform, custom-made courses production
MadeHSEUpgrading from Docebo 4 to Forma 2, development of customized functionalities
LMS for internal and sales people training
Medas Service Srl Corporate LMS platform implementation
Mercatone Uno Services SpA LMS platfomr, over 5000 users, over 40 courses
Metronotte Piacenza S.r.l. Piattaforma LMS, training su Articulate 360
Platform,. plugin
NSC Traduzioni Srl Patent translation specialists. Supply of an LMS platform, training on the use…
Obiettivo Sicurezza S.r.l. Platform, custom features for retraining
Oliba Srl Consultancy specialists in the healthcare world. Supply of an LMS platform and training…
Open Dot Com Consulting for custom functions in the field of training credits  
Open HS E-learning platform, digital coaching functions
Opes Formazione ECM platform, customizations O.P.E.S. Formazione is a non-profit association which carries out its…
Production of custom-made courses
Lms, Training, Plugin
Pfizer Italia Srl Ascoli production plant. Supply of an LMS platform and training on the…
Consulting and training
Platform, training, plugins
LMS Platform, Training, Elearning courses
Profili aziendali & PartnersTraining on Forma Lms and Articulate
Progetto PSC S.r.l. Platform, training, Virtual Classroom service
Projit S.r.l. Development of custom functionality
Reggiani Consulting Training, elearning platform, courses  
Rinascimento Srl Training institution specialized in occupational safety.Supply of an LMS platform and training on…
Rivoira S.p.a. Creation of custom courses, use on our platform.
Rotarians 4 School Elearning platform, consulting and assistence for the "metropolitan" project (elearning courses for…
S.Int Srl   Training institution specialized in occupational safety   Supply of an LMS platform…
Scytl Training and consultancy on Forma Lms, customizations.   The client   Scytl, headquartered in…
SelfLearning S.r.l. Platform, custom functions, iPad integrations
SIGEMI Srl LMS platform implementation  The client Sigemi is a technological partner capable of supporting…
SkyservicesElearning platform.Retraining for security deadlines management.
Snap On Equipment s.r.l. Platform, helpdesk, custom courses
Social Net Elearning platform, Training  
LMS Implementation and elearning courses production
Spedali Civili di Brescia LMS platform and consultancy for the production of ECM courses in…
Springer Healthcare Italia ECM platform, course production, helpdesk, special projects   The client   Springer…
Platform, training, plugins
Studio SaperessereConsulting and training on Form Lms.Production of e-learning courses.
Studio Thema S.r.l. Platform, assistance
Nuova Libra Srl - Superzoom Piattaforma - training su iSpring
Switch Up Sales and technical partner for complex projects
  Multidomain LMS platform, training and consulting
Teddy - Titantex Group Training, e-learning platform  
TexaTraining for the team of trainers about Articulate 360, plugins, development, maintenance of the LMS
Trenkwalder Formazione Off-the-shelf coourses supply  
Università del Sociale Platform  
Training for the team of trainers about Articulate 360
Veneto Banca Spa Lms platform, off-the-shelf courses (ICT, English language)
ECM platform, development of custom functions, Elearning Management
Inditex Group - Zara Custom-made courses and learning games  

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