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Custom and Off-The-Shelf e-learning courses: all the ingredients for your company's training


Corso realizzato per garantire la consapevolezza dei lavoratori in merito al COVID-19 e agevolare la corretta applicazione del "Protocollo condiviso di regolazione delle misure per il contrasto e il contenimento della diffusione del virus Covid-19 negli ambienti di lavoro", siglato dalle parti sociali il 14 marzo 2020, aggiornato in data 24 aprile 2020 ed emanato come allegato al DPCM 26 aprile 2020. Acquistabile anche a parte.



Fornire o approfondire le informazioni, le conoscenze ed i metodi per riconoscere i rischi specifici legati alla propria mansione e far sì che il lavoratore possa svolgere il proprio
compito nel rispetto dei requisiti di salute e sicurezza.


40 minuti


  • Rischio COVID 19:
    • caratteristiche del rischio
    • sintomi ed effetti sull'organismo
    • modalità di valutazione del rischio
    • misure di contenimento
  • Protocollo condiviso di regolazione delle misure per il contrasto e il contenimento della diffusione del virus Covid-19 negli ambienti di lavoro del 14 marzo 2020






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Custom Courses

Often the needs of training in the company concern very specific situations for which there are no standard courses already realized.
Some examples:

  • training for sellers and sharing sales documentation,
  • training of administrative staff on internal procedures and management,
  • update on the use of software or specific technical tools,
  • sharing of documents and company procedures,
  • accredited courses for Continuing Medical Education (CME).

In cases like these it is possible to create courses from scratch, thanks to the help of experts in the field, but more often the necessary contents are already in the company, perhaps in the form of documents not yet rationalized or know-how that is specific people.

It's from this information in your possession that you can make digital content in different formats (Power Point, Word, Videos), easily composable in the creation of solutions of extreme scalability.


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Blended courses: Language and Soft Skills


soft skills
Soft Skills
There are things that can not be taught and loved only online, themes that require sharing experience, meeting in a classroom, talking to each other. This is the case of the "Soft Skills": communication, managerial themes, personal development. But why don't we try to bring with us some technology?
Not so much, just the one that needs attention and amplify the benefits of the classroom ;-)
Language Courses


Elearnit also offers online or blended language courses, especially in English but not exclusively, through selected partners. Several of our customers have provided corporate language training projects, especially English. The typical projects are:

  • off-the-shelf elearning language courses
  • custom elearning language courses, tailored to the customer's needs
  • blended courses, which mix the use of online content and classroom training.
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