iSpring Suite is the simplest software to create e-learning courses starting from existing Power Point presentations, adding simple interactivity with the user and the possibility of tracking the use

Why do you need it?

At the end of the course you'll be able to use the main functions of Articulate Studio (Presenter, Engage, Quizmaker) and Rise, and you'll have published your first course.

Who is it for?

HR, Platform administrators and trainers


What you'll learn

Introduction to iSpring Suite

  • General purposes of the software
  • Integration with MS PowerPoint

Slide properties

  • Editing slide titles
  • Hiding slides
  • Organizing presentations in hierarchies
  • Setting progress conditions
  • Slide duration adjustment
  • Blocking of navigation controls
  • Assignment of speakers
  • Managing the player layout 
  • Managing slides' branching options
  • Working with playlists

Presentation resources

  • Hyperlinks and attachments
  • Speakers
  • Company logo
  • Notes

Adding educational materials to courses

  • Narration management - the basics: recording and managing audio and video
  • Interactivity: quizzes, interactions, simulations
  • Screencasting creation
  • Creating a Flipbook
  • Inserting videos and web objects
  • Content Library: templates, haracters, backgrounds, objects

Output and publication

  • Presentation customization options
  • Player customization options (colors, logos ...)
  • Export modes and formats

The course has as its output the publication of a first pilot project-course


  • Being familiar at least with PowerPoint
  • Attitude to use a "visual" style in creating documents
  • Basic knowledge of English is useful to understand the names of the application menus
  • It is not mandatory, but it can also be accompanied by the course on Designing content for e-learning
  • Having already installed iSpring Suite on your notebook, if only in the free version (duration 14 days).


Francesca Pellacani
Instructional designer & multimedia e-learning courses developer



2 days

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